Chronicle 2004

1st Graduation in Russia

On May 22nd, 16 students were graduated in a festive ceremony in the town hall of Petrozavodsk / Karelia.

Twenty three German square dancers travelled from May 20th to 30th to Russia to attend this historic event. Most of them were members of the GRSDF. In their suitcases many donations to the club i.e. clothes, square dance records, and an entire caller equipment, which was mainly sponsored by Uli Schingen. The equipment was intrusted to the club as a loan by contract.

An excursion to the UNESCO world heritage on Kizhi Island has been organised on May 21st.

Foundation of the 1st Russian club branch Petrozavodsk / Karelia

A members meeting was set for May 22nd in Petrozavodsk, and a first branch club was founded by the name of German-Russian Square Dance Friends Section Petrozavodsk. A few participants of this journey decided to join the main club on this occasion. As members of the first board of the branch club were elected: Valeri Petrov (president), Lydija Knol (vice-president & caller) and Lena Kurotschkina (treasurer).

On our way back from Petrozavodsk we visited St. Petersburg and on May 28th we've had a demonstration of square dancing at a local school with many spectators.

Visitors from Petrozavodsk

In August club invited the leaders of the Petrozavodsk group, president Valeri Petrov, his wife Olga and dance instructor Lydija Knol, to experience the square dance feeling in our country and to attend our 1st club night / fundraising special in Germany.

1st Fundraising Event in Germany

The 1st Fundraising Event on August 15th in co-operation with the Texas Armadillos from Heidelberg-Kirchheim was attended by some 370 dancers. Many thanks to the initiators Traudl and Eberhard and to all those who made this success possible. Special thanks to J. Sanderlin and his family and to the Texas Armadillos from Heidelberg for their precious help.

The beginning in Pskov

Reports of the fun the square dancers encountered in St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk have reached Pskov (about 290 km southwest of St. Petersburg), so the German-Russian Meeting Centre Pskov invited caller Eberhard and his German angels to organize a first introduction into square dance. From September 16th to 23rd Eberhard and eight angels followed this call and travelled via St. Petersburg to the 1100 years old city of Pskov. 20 girls and boys showed up to thier first lesson eager to learn square dance. They learned the new moves quite fast. The German visitors have brought them various teching materials and records and an entire caller equipment which again was intrusted to the club as a loan.

Apart from dancing we did some sightseeing in Pskov, Pechory and Izborsk and visited a museum in Pskov with an exhibition of magnificent Russian icons.

In December Eberhard and Traudel had a quick visit in snowy Pskov, to rehearse the previously learned calls and to teach some new ones in a crash course. Katja and Anton expressed their wish to become new callers. On this occasion the seed was sown for a new branch club of the GRSDF.