Chronicle 2008

Graduation in Pskov

On January 4th, a graduation ceremony was held in Pskov. It was the first time in the history of Russian square dance that Pskov club Sunday Smiling Squares had organised the event. The president and caller Katya Ershova arranged the holiday. It was a great success bringing together dancers from other clubs in Russia. She was assisted by Russian callers Elena (Sunday Smiling Squares), Fedor (Onego Wave Dancers), Lydia (Palace Square Dancers) who had a good opportunity to practice.

Visit to Saint Petersburg

In April Traudel and Eberhard Walz visited the class with their caller Lydia and the club Palace Square Dancers St. Petersburg. They also could hand 0ver to them new caller equipment for the Onego Wave Dancers in Petrozavodsk.

European Convention in Hochheim (Germany)

In June, four Russian dancers (Alla, Galina, Olga and Alexander) visited the European Convention in Hochheim. Under their Russian flag they marched into the hall together with the dancers from another fifteen nations.

5th Fundraiser in Germany

On July 26th, the fifth fundraiser for the square dance movement in Russia, with subsequent club evening, took place in the Hagenbach Hall in Schwäbisch Hall. 205 dancers from 57 clubs had come in good spirits, although it was vacation time in the region. They enthusiastically danced for five hours, Mainstream and Plus, with the callers Jeanette Stäuble, Martin Kromer, Uli Schingen, Michael Mühlhauer and MC Eberhard Walz.

They also got to sample the competence of the Russian callers present, e.g. Lydia from the Palace Square Dancers, St. Petersburg and Sasha from the Onego Wave Dancers, Petrozavodsk. Afterwards, at the club night, the enthused dancing continued for another two and a half hours The callers were only let go after two encores. From Russia we could also welcome 14 dancers from the Onego Wave Dancers, Petrozavodsk, 2 dancers from the Sunday Smiling Squares, Pskov, and 1 from the Palace Square Dancers, St. Petersburg.

Our hearty thank-you to the square dancers from the region for giving free lodging, driver services and a lot of general assistance to our Russian guests which made it possible for them to attend the event. Our special thanks to the Schwäbisch Sweathearts for organizing this fund raiser. Remarkable also the dedication of the youngsters who were a big and willing help.

Big help with the translation of our homepage

In August our new member Ursula Kreis of the Hunte Valley Dancers in Oldenburg has declared herself available for the English translation of our homepage. This allowed us to fill big gaps for the years 2007 and 2008. It will also make the English translations more timely. For this our sincere thanks.

For the big help regarding the Russian translation of the 2007 chronicle our special thanks go to Lydia Markewitsch, caller of the Palace Square Dancers of St. Petersburg.

Caller workshop in Petrozavodsk

In September a caller workshop with Uli Schingen was held, this time in Petrozavodsk. This event attracted many dancers from four Russian clubs. For the first time the young callers from Murmansk participated: Zhenja, Mascha and Mischa. The hosting club, the Onego Wave Dancers had the greatest attendance with 6 callers: Sascha, Fedor, Valerija, Nikolaj, Lisa and Natascha. Also in attendance at this seminar were Sergej and Vera of the Sunday Smiling Squares Pskov and Lydia of the Palace Square Dancers St. Petersburg.

A heartfelt Thank You to Uli and Moni for the unforgettable instructions and to Tatiana Antonova and the other club members who prepared everything perfectly and created that friendly atmosphere!

Club night at the "Palace Square Dancers" in St. Petersburg

The Palace Square Dancers in St. Petersburg enjoyed a great number of visitors on October 3rd. Because of the Special Dance Golden Autumn the following day many Russian and international dancers had already arrived and did not want to miss getting an entry in their friendship book and a dangle.

Special Dance "Golden Autumn" in St. Petersburg with Kenny Reese

The ECTA Golden Achievement Award of Kenny Reese should be decorated with a garland because of realizing his promise to call the Special Dance Golden Autumn St. Peterburg on October 4th. This great international event will be unforgettable for American, English, German and Russian square dancers.

It was perfectly organised by the Palace Square Dancers and the visitors were surprised - especially about the opening ceremony. According to the Russian traditional welcome – the guests of honour were presented with salt and bread by a young girl, traditionally dressed – singing an old invitation song with a beautiful voice. People were enthusiastic about the following show by two little girls dancing a passage of Tschaikowsky's ballet Swan Lake.

All square dancers enjoyed the festive atmosphere and had much fun while dancing in the marble hall of the old Kirov culture centre. Some of the Russian beginner callers did their best when Kenny took a short break.

GRSDF are proud and pleased about the development of square dance in Russia.