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Looking for partners for Russian Square Dance Clubs!

While there are presently well more than 500 square dance clubs in Germany, in Russia currently there are only 9!

Most of them are still at the very beginning and are looking for contacts to the European and US square dance community. They need more experience and our encouragement. Which club is interested in such a contact?

For more information please look here.



Illustrated Russian translation of Basic & Mainstream definitions ready for download

In cooperation with Anna Mochvina the caller of the Polar Light Dancers Murmansk we have created an illustrated handbook for the Basic & Mainstream calls. The first version can be downloaded here.


pdf gross Basic & Mainstream Definitions (Russian) - Translation by Anna Mochvina



2 new clubs in Russia

Due to different points of view the clubs in Petrozavodsk and Kaliningrad decided to split which lead to the founding of two new clubs. While Tatiana Antonova and her son & caller Fedor Antonov revived the "Onego Wave Dancers" with new dancers, the majority of the former dancers founded a new club named "Lucky Lynx".

Tatiana Vasiljeva and Victor Machkasov, the former club callers of the "Koenigsberg Happy Cats" left the club and founded the "Butterfly Dancers Kaliningrad" with new dancers.

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Another badge we hopefully will see now more often on the dancefloor is the new club badge of the Onego Wave Dancers.




A "new" club in Pskov

Katja Kashtanova, a former lady caller of the Sunday Smiling Squares in Pskov has long been involved in the work and integration of disabled people. A few years ago together with them she founded her own square dance group. They are very enthusiastic about dancing and proud about their achievements. Last year they took the final step and registered their own club at the EAASDC! The "Happy People" in Pskov always welcome dancers who want to visit them, and dancing with them is a special experience. Well, simply happy people.


Workshops for dancers and callers in Russia

For the last 3-4 years Tomáš ”Doug” Machalik (CZ) has been invited by the Russian dancers on a regular base for workshops to improve theis skills. His next trip to Petrozavodsk is just a few days away. In January two additional workshops took place nearly at the same time in Petrozavodsk and Kaliningrad. Arndt Lakermann visited the Koenigsberg Happy Cats and did workshops with the dancers & callers while Hanna Tenenbaum (S) did the same with the dancers in Petrozavodsk preceding their traditional Christmas Special.

More workshops and specials are in planning with well known international callers and cuers, i.e. Anne Uebelacker (CAN), Johnny Preston (USA), Brian Hotchkies (AUS), Stefan & Ilona Lankuttis, Corinne Maric (AUS), Walt Burr etc. to name just a few. 2017 was a very exciting year and we can look forward to more!


14th Beneficial on July 08th 2017 in Hamburg

A big Thank You to the 177 dancers from 55 clubs and to our callers who despite the chaotic conditions during the G20 summit and the summerly temperatures made it to our special in Hamburg. Looking forward to see you all 2018 in Feuchtwangen!


Amber Spring in Kaliningrad May 25th-27th 2018

The Koenigsberg Happy Cats invite you to their 3rd Amber Spring Special from May 25th-27th 2018 in Kaliningrad (formerly Königsberg). During these three days Johnny Preston (USA), Arndt & Natalie Lakermann (D), Fedor Antonov (RUS), and two beginner club lady caller together with Tatiana Bulanenkova (RUS) will call Basic to A1 and cue Rounds Phase II to IV. Workshops to all SD and RD levels are also planned.



  Amber Spring Special May 25th-27th 2018 in Kaliningrad



15th Fundraiser on August 11th 2018 in Feuchtwangen / Bernau

Our 15th Beneficial and the subsequent clubnight will take place on August 11th 2018 in Feuchtwangen. For further information see our flyer below.



Saturday, August 11th 2018


Country Inn "Zur Tenne"

Bernau 3
91555 Feuchtwangen / Bernau


Joe & Martin Kromer, Fedor Antonov (RUS)

How long:

5 hours + 2 ½ hours clubnight

What level:  

Mainstream & Plus

How much:         

Entrance fee 9,- € / children up to 16 years free entrance


starting 13:30 o'clock


14:00 to 19:00 o'clock


19:30 to 22:00 o'clock

Further information:

DRSDF This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone:    Arndt Lakermann (President) +49 (0) 173 2804833
  Olga Kravchenko (Vice-President)    
+7 963 7384578



  15th Fundraiser August 11th 2018 in Feuchtwangen / Bernau



Our special will start in



Callerschool for Russian callers in Pskov August 21st-26th 2018

In 2018 Tatiana Antonova from Petrozavodsk, supported by the DRSDF, will organize again a callerschool for Russian callers. After Murmansk last year with caller coach Ken Ritucci the school this year is planned in Pskov from August 21st to 26th. Leader will be Walt Burr, an experienced US caller and GSI representative for Europe, who lives in Germany. Both for Walt and for Pskov this is a premiere. Walt is interested since many years in the development of square dance in Russia, and 2018 he finally can see it with his very eyes. Within 6 months in 2018/2019 he is planned for three different events in Russia. His wife Juliane, also a lady caller, will join him whenever possible during the callerschool in Pskov, the Golden Autumn in Saint Petersburg or the Christmas Special in Petrozavodsk. The school most of all will be interesting for the two new lady callers of the Happy Cats in Kaliningrad and the brand new lady caller of the Polar Light Dancers in Murmansk who will replace their long year lady caller Anna Mokhvina. Our best wishes to the young mother and the newborn caller offspring beyond the Polar Circle!


Russian dancers and callers abroad

The number of Russian dancers and callers one can meet at international specials and conventions is constantly increasing, Regardless if it's  the Scottish Square Dance Festival in Aberdeen, the European Conventions in Kladno, Ikast or Stratford upon Avon, the Majovka in Bratislava, the Funny Fish Special in Cagnes sur Mer, the November Dance in Helsinki etc., and of course the numerous events in Germany, Russian dancers attend them with increasing enthusiasm. Russian callers also had the opportunity to show their skills and talent on international events too. Not only at the annual DRSDF Benefit Special, but also at the Youth Dance of the Lion Squares Germany, the club anniversary of the Coast Dancers in Eckernförde and even at the IPAC, where Victor Machkasov was offered the opportunity to call a guest tip in 2015. Last year Victor signed his first caller contract for the next IPAC in 2019, and he is also on the caller list for the Majovka in May 2018 in Bratislava. Russian dancers also can be met again in the near future on different occasions from Helsinki to Nice and from Bratislava to Aberdeen. And of course a very large number at the European Convention in Amsterdam in July. The Happy Cats in Kaliningrad alone are organizing a trip for their dancers with 1-2 busses!

Last but not least we shall mention the 1st joined Russian-German Clubnight in Waldershof following the Rocky Docky Special. The special itself is on the same day as the DRSDF Benefit Special, so it is quite likely many Russian dancers can attend this clubnight on Sunday. Callers will be Søren Lindergaard, Uli Schingen and Doug Machalik.



Golden Autumn Special October 06th-07th 2018 in Saint Petersburg

The traditional Golden Autumn Special 2018 of the Palace Square Dancers in Saint Petersburg will take place as usual on the first weekend in October. After Dave Preskitt in 2017, Walt Burr will be the guest caller in 2018. Of course all Russian callers present at the special will have the opportunity to show their skills as callers from the floor. 

Flyer and further information to follow.